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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Feel Bad About My Nora Ephron

I know that I normally review books about moms waxing poetic about their harried lives or British chick lit writers whose lives seem far more interesting than mine, but it's almost the New Year and I've decided to take a departure. Somehow, my recent trip to Florida to see my folks has made me ponder the thought of aging. And who better to provide a glimpse into what it's really going to be like when I hit retirement age than Nora Ephron.

I've always loved her movies - in fact, I have a Sleepless in Seattle poster on the wall of my office and I am a total Sally (ie. "When Harry Met Sally") who orders everything with dressing and sauce on the side so naturally, as soon as I started to read I Feel Bad About My Neck as I was soaking in a hot tub because I was battling a bad cold, I felt like I had finally been given a really great Hannukah present - okay - my holiday is over but I really didn't buy anything good for myself this year so this is my gift to myself for those 8 hectic nights...but I digress.

Ephron shares her laugh out loud thoughts about everything from plastic surgery to purses to parenting and all with deadpan humor, incredible descriptions and real life moments that'll have you smiling from start to finish. She even talks about a private moment with JFK, her secret crush on a famous restaurant critic and how hair dye has transformed her life. I still have about 40 pages to go - savoring this quick read for my next tub soak, and all I can say is that no matter your age, this book is great for anyone who can appreciate the truth about aging packaged with an overdose of humor. To order I Feel Bad About My Neck, Click Here.


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