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Saturday, March 03, 2007

SHOPAHOLIC & BABY by Sophie Kinsella

Let me just state for the record that I love Sophie Kinsella. She is by far, my favorite British chick-lit author, hands down, no contest. I inhaled her last book The Undomestic Goddess in about two days and on Thursday night, when I was trapped at O'Hare airport for six hours, I was overjoyed when I spotted Shopaholic & Baby at the overpriced Hudson newstand and even though I probably paid 10 bucks more than I should have, it was worth the extra investment because I literally, devoured it in about a day and a half.

In this latest addition to Kinsella's "Shopaholic" hilarious book series, our favorite flighty heroine, Becky Bloomwood is happily married, pregnant with her first child and ready to decorate the nursery - even though the sex of the baby is still a mystery. When she finds out about the must-have obstetrician to the stars who has just moved to London, Becky manages to get an appointment with her and soon learns that her new doctor used to date her husband Luke. Of course, Kinsella throws in tons of twists and turns - the OB/GYN is drop dead gorgeous and out to kick Becky out of the picture; Luke is having trouble with his company and Becky, while concerned her husband is cheating on her, is also trying to bribe the owner of her potential dream house with hard to find designer shoes.

I literally laughed out loud throughout the book and as quickly as I finished it, I was a little sad because I knew I was going to have to wait at least a year before another Kinsella comic chick-lit masterpiece makes its way to the book shelves.

If you'd like to order Shopaholic & Baby today, just Click me, this is a great read - and you won't want to put it down!


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