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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

I've seen this book listed on the best-seller list for the last year and kept thinking to myself - I don't want to get this book because it'll totally be depressing and will probably be a slow moving read and who has time for that? Well, I was completely wrong! The Glass Castle is in a word, enthralling. Jeannette Walls is an incredible storyteller who shares the tale of her dysfunctional childhood upbringing and keeps you amazed with every turn of the page. I truly could not put this book down and read it on a car ride to and from Maryland this weekend!

There are moments that are completely unbelievable, painful childhood memories, and even funny stories about how Walls and her family were like travelling gypsies - every time their dad got into hot water or felt it was time to pick up stakes, they were on the road travelling to a new town. But through it all, it is truly a testament to Jeannette Walls that she was able to overcome such a rough upbringing to not only graduate from college but become an award-winning journalist. I highly recommend this book - it makes anyone who reads it open their eyes and realize how lucky they are when you see how far Jeannette Walls has come since she was a child.

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