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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Water For Elephants, Hillary Clinton and More Summer Books....

There is something about me and book titles. If a title is strange, I usually stay away from the book and that's why I avoided Water For Elephants for the longest time. That is, until one of my in the know girlfriends started raving about the book and I finally decided to check it out.

I brought it with me this weekend to our visit to Rocking Horse Ranch and within two days, I'm totally powering through this best-selling novel. So what is the book about? Simple - Jacob Jankowski is an old man who is now living in a nursing home who reflects on his past when he chucked his Ivy League veterinary degree and joined the circus after suffering a major tragedy in his life. I love the flashback sequences in the book and truly felt transported when author Sara Gruen takes readers back to the late 1920's and into the lives of an eclectic cast of characters.

While I'm only half way through, I'm totally loving this book and can't wait to dive in once the kids hit the hay. This book is also reminiscent of Five People You Meet in Heaven, which automatically qualifies it for a must read!

Now I know I haven't posted reviews to some of the other books I've read this summer but now that the season is almost over, in case you have a few months to spare, then check out the new Hillary Clinton book, A Woman in Charge by Carl Bernstein. The beginning is great but I'm mired in Whitewater right now so Carl has lost me a bit. Maybe when I can concentrate, I'll be able to finish that 600 page read and finally get to the part about Monica Lewinsky.

For a quick read, there's For One More Day...another Mitch Albom favorite that came out this year that I managed to read on a plane ride. I recommend this one to anyone who doesn't have much time on their hands and loves a book that'll have you crying once you hit the last chapter.

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